Summer trips:

  • Toronto Trip - I’d like to go the July 1st weekend because the Phillies are in town the 1st - 3rd. That’s a dilemma though because I want to be here for the HUGE party that goes down. I’m definitely gonna go at some point because I wanna meet up with Jacob since he was a total dick and moved there for the summer and only told us like a week before he left. Definitely gonna hit up the SkyDome.
  • Camping Trip - We need to figure out when. I still wanna go in August, but we’re probably going to go to Murphy’s point (near Perth) for a short trip before then. David and I are definitely going to Agawa Bay (Lake Superior) for a trip. It’s going to be spectacular.
  • Montreal Trip -┬áThis could be fun, I mean Montreal is only 2 hours away. I don’t have any reason to go there, the Expos are gone, but it could be a great trip.
  • Philly Trip - Philly probably is not happening on account of me not having money / the money I do get will be going towards other things. I don’t have a lot of shifts these days so I have to scrimp and save. I gotta pay for baseball, finish paying off my camera, pay for the above trips, and buy my lens. So yeah, Philly will have to wait.

Any suggestions?