Cole Brady - Marvelous

The boys over at Coalition and Palace put together this dope video for Cole Brady’s debut mixtape. You’ll like it. Filmed in Ottawa, ON.


War (Prod. Joe The Real)

Thanks to @JamesDeanV for the sample.

This was my first time ever being present to see how beats are made. I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Me and Spiegz rocking out on NHL while Joey created masterful beats.

Places I need to go: Montreal, Canada

I haven’t BEEN to Montreal really. I’ve been there for baseball tournaments and double headers. I’ve been there for class trips when I was like 13. I’ve been to the big O for some Expos games. I’ve never really seen the city. I wish with all my heart that the Expos were still around. I would be at games every other weekend. But with a lack of Les Expos this is what I plan on doing:

  • Hitting up the BioDome. Who doesn’t love animals?
  • Shopping because I’m vain.
  • Drinking, a lot.
  • Visiting people who are in school there maybe?
  • See a show?
  • If drunk enough, rippers.
  • What else is something I should see in MTL?